Worship at Cottonwood Church

by: Ben Ferrell

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Ben helping people come into the presence of God through worship at Cottonwood Church where Bayless Conley is pastor in Los Alamitos, CA



  • 1 At 11:06 pm Jul/04/08 Greg Jeffries said...

    Ben, You have the God given ability to lead people into the presence of God. You are a blessing. Thank you for sharing your gift over the web. God richly bless you in your travels... Greg

  • 2 At 2:09 am Jul/14/08 ben ferrell said...

    The best music comes from a sincere cnnection with our heart...mine was breaking here, the first notes were hit poorly, the 2 and 3rd songs were coming from so deep there were tears...being "pushed" out. This is not pretty or beautiful, but it connects because people are hurting in some way, and music to God comforts. I saw several tears coming down faces of these in the audience. This is what I do, nothing fancy

  • 3 At 11:05 am Jul/16/08 Traci Fuqua said...

    Prayers and love! Even though I've been listening for years, I can never stay dry-eyed when I hear your music. I appreciate that you have never waivered from the one and only - worshipping Jesus!

  • 4 At 11:11 am Aug/20/08 Carol Allen said...

    Ben, My friend gave me one of your cassettes when I was a baby Christian, just delivered from drug addiction in 1989. I wore it out. Recently, I found you on the web and was ablet to replace my old wore out cassettes with CDs. I plan to buy more this week.

    I can't say enough about what your ministry has meant to my life and how necessary it was for me to have your tape back in '89 when I was just discovering who God is and who I was in Him.

    I'm so glad to see you on the web with the ability to share your gift with the world.

  • 5 At 12:31 pm Aug/25/08 alda polo said...

    Dear brother, Im from Peru, and listening to your praising helped me a lot to know how Our Father is, my pastor had your tape.

    How blessed I am that I found your page in the web. Thanks to the Lord for His gift in your life.

    Praising to the Father, coming to His presence clothed with His righteosuness ... that was like founding a lake in the dessert of the circumstances of my country that song really brought His presence and love and changed my life. Thanks again, for yielding your life to Him

    alda de polo, lima peru

  • 6 At 11:40 am Aug/26/08 Dani Marie Caughern said...

    I'm so excited to see that you have Sacrifice of Praise in a CD format. My brother and I grew up listening to it (starting in the mid 1980's) and now that I have a baby it's a must-have in our home. What good memories I have of these songs on in the background ,as I played and read books as a child. They were peace to us as my mom was getting us all out of abusive situations and starting us out as baby christians. My mom still has the cassette. I wouldn't be the person I am today without your influence of what a Christian man is like.

  • 7 At 7:12 pm Mar/06/09 Cyndie Rouis said...

    It did my heart good to see your name on the list of Advisory Board members for L. Huggins, so I googled you! I have to say that you are blessed and to be envied!! I am in GA and would love to hear from y'all!

    In the meantime, I will definitely be praying specifically for you all... and the great work you are doing.. through HIM!!