Solutions for Combatting 'The Snag'

by: Ben Ferrell

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The greatest and most powerful thing that we have going for us in our lives is the Father’s love. Praising Him, adoring Him, and constantly being grateful for the goodness of God are the three ways to experience His love; however, sometimes we hit a ‘snag’.

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1 Comment:

  • 1 At 8:09 pm Jan/17/10 Anthony Lavoie said...

    Dear Ben: The Holy Spirit has anointed you and a select few others in the body of Christ to help correct the vision and to assist in correcting the perceptions that all to many have of our heavenly Father. We tend to have a horizontal tunnel vision, and that impairs our ability to discern the heart of Father God. Often your psalmist anointing is as powerful as a cardiac defibrillator to awaken people's natural affection for a God who is unlike any other being we could ever experience anywhere else ever. The songs you minister send a message of intimate and genuine yieldedness to a pure perfect sinless God who is pleased to lavish us with the title 'sons (and daughters) of God. Don't think for a moment that these outpourings of yours (meaning your podcasts and video broadcasts) don't go up before God as a sweet smelling sacrifice before his nostrils.