Haiti Revival

by: Ben Ferrell

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Recently I went on a mission to Haiti, to sing and do some humanitarian work with Bobby and Sherry Burnett. Their ministry, Love a Child, has made an enormous impact on the country. Having been there for over twenty years, the Burnett’s have helped save countless children’s lives and have built a complex featuring an orphanage, a school, a warehouse for food, clothing, and toiletries items that they give away continuously by the 1,000s of pounds. They have also built a radio station on the grounds that transmit the gospel throughout Haiti 24 hours a day. The Burnett’s are some of my favorite people who I have met in ministry.

Once a year they have a tent revival on the grounds, and Haitians come from all over the country to attend. I sang in each service, both morning and evening. One person walked 12 miles just to catch a bus to get there. As a result of the distance many traveled, they ALL stayed on the grounds for the four days of revival. Bobby and Sherri made sure they were fed and most slept on concrete floors each night in the various buildings.

I was inspired at how musical these people are. I was awakened each morning to drums, singing, and praising God. It was usually around 6:00am.

Haitian poverty is among the worst in the world. We were taken to a village by a lake where people were living in such abject poverty, it broke my heart. In five of the lean-to-thatched homes, lay people who were ill and near death. There was no doctor, no medicine, and no help. These homes are about 10’x10’, and as many as six children sleep with their parents in this tiny space. Most of the children had no clothes to wear.

All I can say is thank God for Love a Child…they are making a difference in so many lives. It was truly a joy to be with them and so much fun singing in their revival.

You can find out more at Love A Child



  • 1 At 2:01 pm Mar/14/09 John Kim from Cotton said...

    Hi Ben,

    I just want to tell you again how much I appreciate your music and ministry. I was spending time with God this morning and listening to the song "Jehovah" from the album "Daddy's Prayer" and I can't tell you how much it ministered to me. Our God is faithful to His name and I praise Him for using you!

    Blessings to you and your family! John

  • 2 At 2:11 pm Apr/02/09 Sheila from all over said...

    Hi Ben!

    So wonderful to finally find you again. I heard you play at Cottonwood back in the 80's, picked up a couple of your - brace yourself - cassettes. The truly pure worship made me want more. I did internet searches - Google searches, I even tried your old record label with snail mail all with no success, and I called Cottonwood. Decades later, back in California, I run into a Cottonwood member who says you were just here to help dedicate the new building. Darn, so close. Anyway, thrilled to have an outlet to find your inspirational music. Please write more music! Bless your ministries, Sheila