My Philosophy on my Music Products

by: Ben Ferrell

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I view books, DVD/CD's (music and teaching), etc., as instruments in Christ's kingdom. I believe each individual unit has a life and specific purpose. Like everything else in His Kingdom, this is accomplished "by grace through faith".

Therefore, I pray accordingly, and speak to the books, etc. commanding each one to go out and do God's touch people in a profound way and bring the specific Ministry of the Holy Spirit to each person.

I speak to the books that have already been distributed and command them to get off of the bookshelves and out of the drawers and do God's work. I pray for the Holy Spirit to prompt each owner to pick up the book and receive the ministry for which it was put into their hands.

The reason we should get our faith involved like this is because statistics tell us that over 50% of all books sold are never read.


P.S. You may know that I am a Minister as well. I have recorded 6 music CD's of my songs, and written one book. I have done this with all my materials and have many testimonies as to how this has worked.



  • 1 At 3:22 am Dec/13/10 Michael Selmar said...

    Keep growing in ministry, and be blessed to stay in Jesus Christ as a new creation, so that we will meet sooner or later!

    Dearest Michael

  • 2 At 7:18 pm Jan/18/12 Janelle Sullivan said...

    We recently moved, and I lost some of my old praise music - I was looking through what I had left - and just couldn't find anything to bring me into His presence - in the way I wanted.

    Your prayer about your material jumping off the shelf and being a ministry certainly applied in my case!!

    My husband and I were visiting a resale store over the weekend - and there was Sacrifice of Praise - in pristine condition!

    I certainly felt blessed of the Father - for receiving your precious ministry!

  • 3 At 9:56 am Jan/20/12 Kim Osborn said...

    What an awesome prayer! I am going to adopt it!

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