Sacrifices of Praise to the Father

by: Ben Ferrell

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Listen below or download the file here.

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1 Comment:

  • 1 At 9:44 am Jun/29/08 Kathleen Weaver Holl said...

    I know now that are Father and King Jesus is in my heart. I have been in many Hospital. Been through and seen many people that need to now that it is true that he is real. Are Lord is the only reason that I'm here. I'm praying that they too hear his voice in there hearts . I pray that they know that there is HOPE. Your words that you say on the radio is so true. Your words are so beautiful.Thank you so much for you. When I feel my pain I know that Jesus and Abba Father is hurting too for everyone. Taking in his Heart felt Love that we will never understand untill we see him. Thank you again for you beautiful words. In Love with Abba and Jesus, Kathleen Jo Weaver Hollenback