Mocking Bird Song

by: Ben Ferrell

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Listen below or download the file here.

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  • 1 At 2:14 pm Jul/05/08 Christy H. Larkin said...

    Ben, I heard you several weeks ago on 99.1 in Lexington. Your program is great. I want to order your CDs. I graduated from TC with you. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us. Worship the Father website is wonderful too. Christy Helms Larkin

  • 2 At 9:22 am Sep/26/09 Alda Polo said...

    Dear Brother Ben, I`m from Peru, and I had the blessing to listen to one of your tapes at my pastor`s house during the 80' . Really I have been so blessed here, specially with one song, that says "when you listen to the Father`s heart." Probably nobody else here has that blessing.

    Here we are preparing a celebration for his 25 years in Peru, next month, and would like to give him a surprise, having one of the singers (that has worked close to my pastor from the beggining,) haivng her singing that song in spanish.

    In the 80`, this country was shaked by many internal problems, and I know it was a miracle God has changed this nation the way it was.

    We as a country have change for good because of the ministry of my pastor here, and it would be a great surprise to have this opportunity, and a blessing to all of us.

    We are expecting the years to come will be greater for the Kingdom of God in this country, and in my heart I fell that this song will have a great part to do.

    God bless you aboundantly in everything you do, and thanks for show how to listen and surrender to the father's heart!